Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow (Queen and King Size)

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Size: Queen Size
Quantity : 10 Cases (60 Pillows)
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  • Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow 
  • 1 Pillow / Bag
  • 6 Bags / Case
  • Queen and King Size


Introducing the Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow, available in Queen and King sizes. Experience the ultimate in comfort and support as you sink into the plush memory foam. Say goodbye to restless nights with its ability to relieve snoring, neck pain, insomnia, TMJ, asthma, and migraines. Crafted with a bamboo cover, this pillow is not only soft and breathable but also hypoallergenic. The image shows a green and white pillow next to a folded green pillowcase, providing a glimpse of the serene comfort that awaits you. Upgrade your sleep experience with this luxurious memory foam bamboo pillow.

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